ID# Client Workorder Due Date Status
1300post111Make changes to whatever this website is3/23/20, 4:00 pmMarketing
1548Randal WallaceWebsite5/12/20, 4:00 pmMarketing
1621TEM SystemsPiece of Metal5/18/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1652Kings Produce100 stickersToday 4:00 pm To Be Billed
1627Virgil Grahambusiness cardsTomorrow 4:00 pmNew
1628Devin SmithDarkroom PrintsTomorrow 4:00 pmAqueous
1644Event FotosMount imagesTomorrow 4:00 pmMounting
1646SugarlifeOne Ice Cream LableTomorrow 4:00 pmFinishing
1648Elvis ServicesFryer Oil CollectionTomorrow 4:00 pmInstall
1565JB Tinting8'x30' banner5/27/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1651Mary BethDigital Capture and Restore Quote5/29/20, 4:00 pmQuote
1639Joseph BarnhillDigital Capture6/2/20, 4:00 pmScanning
1631Angela Andrew16x20 canvas6/5/20, 4:00 pmRestoration
1308In-HouseNew wall images6/13/20, 4:00 pmSilver