ID# Client Workorder Due Date Status
1679Tavern in the ForestInstall Awning5/29/20, 4:00 pmTo Be Billed
1746SOHOINSTALL BREAKFAST DINNER6/24/20, 4:00 pmInstall
1820Ridge CareSandblasted handicap signs7/2/20, 4:00 pmFinishing
1837Sugarlifeget exact lightbox mesurments for 21st7/3/20, 1:00 pmInstall
1836Sugarliferedesign lollipop sigh7/3/20, 1:00 pmDesign
1832Aqua Innelevator stickers7/3/20, 1:00 pmTo Be Billed
1718Betty ShelleyColorize photo7/3/20, 4:00 pmRestoration
1828American Army Navyroadside sign7/3/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1827RdyToGo3 yard signs7/3/20, 4:00 pmSolvent
1825Hot Tomato Lunch/Dinner Menus7/3/20, 4:00 pmTo Be Billed
1760Coast RTATransit Bus 37/3/20, 4:00 pmSolvent
1842Ryan Gauthier44x33 canvas7/6/20, 4:00 pmSolvent
1841Justin Ross2 more plantation signs7/6/20, 4:00 pmSolvent
1839Tanya BrunsonMount 7/6/20, 4:00 pmMounting
1735In-Houseprinter shelf7/6/20, 4:00 pmFabrication
1823Nathan Falco35mm slide scans and prints7/6/20, 4:00 pmScanning
1788TEM SystemsLeatherLeaf logo7/6/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1799In-HouseInstagram giveaway7/6/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1796Elvis Servicestruck stickers7/7/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1759Coast RTAtransit bus 27/7/20, 4:00 pmFinishing
1830Native Constructionmetal flag sign7/7/20, 4:00 pmNew
1725Brookgreen Gardenslowcountry banner7/7/20, 4:00 pmFinishing
1548Randal WallaceWebsite7/7/20, 4:00 pmMarketing
1745In-HousePassword protect website7/9/20, 4:00 pmNew
1664In-HouseSmall Pull Up Banner7/9/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1840Pamela HameltonPrints from negatives7/9/20, 4:00 pmScanning
1776In-HouseScan promo7/10/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1737In-Housevelcro anc coreplast skirts7/10/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1703In-HouseLanding page for pure zone7/10/20, 4:00 pmMarketing
1663In-HousePurezone Ad7/10/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1308In-HouseNew wall images7/10/20, 4:00 pmSilver
1829Native Constructionvan wrap7/24/20, 5:30 pmNew