ID# Client Workorder Due Date Status
1421Elvis ServicesElvis Recycling stickers3/4/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1423SugarlifeChocolate Covered Strawberries3/10/20, 4:00 pmTo Be Billed
1456SugarlifeStrawberries Phototex3/12/20, 4:00 pmTo Be Billed
1463Tavern in the ForestPlotted trees3/12/20, 4:00 pmTo Be Billed
1455Sugarlifelables3/17/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1210Pirate ConstructionWebstite3/23/20, 4:00 pmMarketing
1300post111Make changes to whatever this website is3/23/20, 4:00 pmMarketing
1506SOHOmenu updates 3-27-203/30/20, 4:00 pmPress Prints
1512Elvis ServicesR554/1/20, 4:00 pmTo Be Billed
1515In-HouseDrive through A-Frame4/3/20, 4:00 pmSolvent
1516SOHOfrosted glass doors4/3/20, 4:00 pmPlotting
1517SOHOchophouse4/3/20, 4:00 pmPlotting
1518Genossign4/3/20, 4:00 pmPlotting
1435Geno's PizzaLED Display4/6/20, 4:00 pmSolvent
1498Coast RTASmall transit bus4/6/20, 4:00 pmInstall
1508Soth Carolina Maritime MuseumUSS South Carolina Exhibit4/6/20, 4:00 pmQuote
1513McCall’s Supply18x30 signs4/6/20, 4:00 pmFinishing
1308In-HouseNew wall images4/13/20, 4:00 pmSilver
1519Billy LightScans and prints4/13/20, 4:00 pmScanning
1447Dave SickelsmithProof of Concept4/16/20, 4:00 pmDesign
1185In-HouseFRONTIER MAINTENANCE4/20/20, 4:00 pmSilver