3/7/20, 11:52 am
unisex safety shoes
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7/16/19, 12:19 pm
New Features
Upgraded Client manager, added client manager and fixed bugs in the quote system.

6/5/19, 11:10 pm
Double Entries
Due to an unknown issue, the work order system is double entering some of the work orders. Please make sure to only hit submit once.

4/8/19, 6:15 pm
View Updates
Basic view update function added

4/8/19, 6:15 pm
Default Label
Default Label changed to new on workorder dropdowns.

4/8/19, 12:43 am
Client Workorders
View work orders by client added to client manager

4/8/19, 12:43 am
View by archive added to main nav

4/8/19, 12:40 am
Memo fuction added

4/8/19, 12:12 am
Nav will now only show categories that include active jobs